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Any Dashboard created in the Dashboards section can be shared externally anywhere that can accommodate HTML code. For example a website, Intranet or SharePoint site. A shared Dashboard is dynamic, that is, it will update when values in the Scorecard are updated.

Click on this link to see an example of a Shared Dashboard

It is not a JPEG, PNG or any other image format. It is a Dashboard rendered from the application database and so will always be up to date.

Creating a shared Dashboard

Go to the Dashboard you are interested in by clicking on Briefcase icon (top left), selecting the Organization, then Dashboards, and finally the Dashboard itself.

In this example, we have selected Financial Overview.

While looking at the Dashboard:

Click on the Send To button (top right) and then on Share Dashboard.

The Share Dashboard dialogue will appear. Select the date parameters you require and click on the Create Link button

The Share Dashboard shared code dialogue box appears. You can either share a link to the dashboard or share a ‘snippet’ of HTML code that can be used in any web page.

You can manage your Shared Dashboards by going to Administration (cog icon, bottom left) and clicking on Shared Dashboards. A list of your dashboards will appear:

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