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The mass-edit feature allows you to edit multiple scorecards at once, and it can save you a lot of time. To start, go to the Administration section, choose “Mass Edit Scorecard Items”, and then click the “Choose a Field to Edit” button.

Mass Edit


 In this example we’ll choose Owners.

Mass edit 2

Next, we’ll add a filter to choose which scorecard items show up to edit.

Mass Edit 3

The default filter is “Specific Scorecard Items,” and we’ll use that here.

Mass edit 4

We’ll add the entire “Mobileworld Balanced Scorecard” and click Done.

Mass edit 5

Now we can see all of the scorecard items for the Mobileworld Balanced Scorecard. You can edit a few at a time, but we’re going to select all and click “Edit Selected Items”.

Mass edit 6

We’ll add the Human Resources group as owners.

Mass edit 7

After clicking Save, we see a message summarising all of the changes that were made. If some of the changes didn’t work, it explains why as well.

Mass edit 8
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